Change: The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Reset Our World

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With its staggering effects globally to every facet of life, the Covid-19 Pandemic has reset our world and forced us all to take a step back to come to terms with its impositions and restrictions, to cope with hardship, loss, fear, anxiety, the unknown, and to evaluate our priorities, quality of life and relationships. 

For some it has given more time with family, has tested their multi-tasking abilities as parents and self-made teachers, working from home, and checking in and helping elderly parents and loved ones.  For others, it has pushed them further into solitude, poverty, mental anguish and has intensified socio-economic inequalities.  The Covid-19 pandemic put pressure on already overloaded financial situations, broken relationships and abusive households while dissimilarly bearing opportunities and benefits for others.  For front line and essential workers that deserve every gratitude, the daily grind took on a heightened level of importance and risk.  This Corona virus has not effected us equally.  The experience can be as unique as we all are as individuals but it can be agreed that we all share some aspects of this pandemic.  We all have heightened responsibilities to take care of ourselves and those around us, be it loved ones or strangers.  Everyone around the world is facing the same ordeal.

The human race stood still.  Covid-19 as a global threat, imposing on us to evaluate our needs versus our wants.  Taking us back to the basics of filling our fridges and freezers and the bellies of our loved ones.  Pushing the chores of living to the forefront of our existence.  Turning what we took for granted on a daily basis into challenges.  And while we self-isolate, social distance and deal with life-altering changes and new restrictions and challenges, our coping mechanism week after week, month after month is that this is temporary.  We just have to keep pushing on and it will get better. 

And it will get better, it does.  But what then?  When there is finally light at the end of that tunnel, what are you hoping to see?  Could you or would you go back to the grind of pre Covid-19 days and relive the same 'normal' life you had?  A new normal is taking shape! Today could mean reshaping your life as Covid-19 will undoubtedly reshape the world.  When something shifts it leaves space for something else, a bubble of change.  Take advantage of it and try to find your new space in this new world for youInvest time as some of us have been been blessed more with during this pandemic, and focus energy, reflection and validation on YOU!  Take enjoyment, nourish, nurture and grow. 

Hedo is defined as pleasure and happiness being the sole and chief good in life.  Find your hedo.  Define it, embrace it and live it!

Best Regards,

Team Hedo

Written by Team Hedo for, providing quality products for you, your home and everyone living in it!  Focusing on eco-friendly and reusable choices.

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